Martin Blake

NAME: Martin Blake

EDUCATION: B.A. Laval University. Multidisciplinary studies: geography, anthropology, communication, cinema and journalism. Training over the years: Red Cross, St-John’s Ambulance, Emergency Procedures, etc.

LANGUAGE: English, French and Spanish. Basic conversational in a few others.

TOURS LED: Mexico, Central & South America, Spain & Portugal, North, West & Central Africa, Ethiopia, Sudan, Middle East, Gulf States, Iran, Caucasus, Indian Subcontinent, South East Asia, Indochina, Australia & New Zealand.

FAVOURITE DESTINATION: Wherever there’s real authenticity, content and depth. Recent favourites: Sudan, Oman, Georgia, Armenia and Iran. Long-time ones: Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Spain, Morocco, Mali, Ethiopia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines.

ABOUT: After fifteen years on the road worldwide, Claude joined the Adventures Abroad team in 1998. He enjoys challenging destinations w